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Message from the Chair:

Hello Everyone,

Chicago rolled out the snowy carpet for Midwinter! And while the weather was not always agreeable, RSS was active with discussion forums, committee meetings, and the annual Pancake Breakfast. I’m sure the weather in San Francisco will be slightly warmer.

Are you interested in becoming involved in an RSS committee or representing RSS on a RUSA-level committee? Now is the time to volunteer. Crystal Lentz, RSS Vice Chair, will be starting the appointment process shortly. Here is the form to note your interest in volunteering: . If you have questions or would like to learn more about RSS and its committees, please feel free to contact me at q-johnson[at]northwestern[dot]edu or Crystal Lentz at crystal[dot]lentz[at]sos[dot]wa[dot]gov . Want to learn what committee might be the best fit for you? Check out the RSS committees through ALA Connect to learn about ongoing work and future projects.

Keep an eye out for information about the RSS and RUSA sponsored programs and discussion forums at Annual!

Qiana Johnson
RSS Chair, 2014-2015


RSS Honor Roll

When you hear Honor Roll do you have flashbacks to high school? Maybe you have happy memories of the honor roll or maybe you think could of, would of, should of…

Regardless of your experience in high school, you may be eligible for the RSS Honor Roll.

The RSS has an Honor Roll that gives recognition to active RSS members who have served the section in three different capacities since its inception.

If you have been a member of three or more committees or discussion groups since RSS was established in 2004 and have not previously been added to the honor roll, please send your name and a list of the three ways you have served RSS to Sarah Hammill at

Not only will you become a member of this esteemed group, you will also be recognized at ALA Annual in San Francisco!

Join the RSS Honor Roll today