STARS Committee Reports

STARS Membership Committee
The 10th Anniversary Celebration at ALA Annual was a huge success! Thank you to everyone!

We will be collaborating with other committees to develop a RUSA STARs timeline archive inclusive of photos, events, webinars, etc.

Current projects also consist of improving recruitment and retention initiatives of our STARS members, as well as reaching out to other committees for information and updates. All are always welcome to join committee meetings, which are held virtually on the first Monday of every month. Contact Micquel Little, Chair of RUSA STARS Membership, at, for more details.

Micquel Little, Chair

ILL Discussion Group
The ILL Discussion Group hosted two panel presentations (Philadelphia Convention Center 204 A – Saturday, 1/25/14 – 10:30am-11:30am) at the 2014 Mid-Winter ALA Meetings, Philadelphia.

Over 70 people came to the presentation and exchanged lively discussions following the presentation. These included:

  • ILL Unchained!: Freeing Your Media Collection

Megan Gaffney, Coordinator, Interlibrary Loan & Document Delivery Services, University of Delaware Library,

Meghann Matwichuk, Coordinator, Film & Video Collection Department, University of Delaware Library,

  • A Case for Integration of Interlibrary Loan and Reference

Hong Ta-Moore (Library of Congress)

Kathleen S. Mannino (The College of New Rochelle, New Rochelle, NY)

We also met on Saturday (6/28, 10-30am-11:30am) at LVCC N258 for 2014 ALA Annual Conference, Las Vegas. Close to 90 people actively shared their experiences in various topics related to the ILL activities in their institutions.

Finally, please join us in welcoming Hong Ta-Moore, reference/ILL Librarian at the Library of Congress, who has been appointed as Vice Chair/Chair Elect for ILL Discussion Group.

Jaeyeon Sung, Chair

STARS Legislation & Licensing Committee
The committee recently met at the ALA annual meeting. Our main topic of discussion was the charge for this committee and whether it needs to be revamped. Participation in this STARS committee has recently been low and current members decided to take a fresh look at our role. We discussed possibilities for revamping the work of the committee, mergers with other committees, and the use of surveys to ensure our continued relevance. Members decided that an outreach survey would be most helpful, so please keep an eye out for its distribution this fall and share your opinions on how this committee might best serve STARS.

In the meantime, please consider joining us, as a member or by submitting thoughts and ideas on the role of this committee and/or possible projects. I’d love to hear them! Please contact the new Chair, Sherri Michaels, at

Sherri Michaels, Chair

STARS Education and Training Committee Annual Report, 2013-2014
The STARS Education and Training Committee held its seventh annual “Everything You Always Wanted to Know about ILL” workshop at Drexel University in Philadelphia on January 24th, 2014. The workshop featured speakers Megan Gaffney, Karen Janke, Cindy Kristof, and Collette Mak and attracted 56 attendees. Feedback from participants was positive. Planning is now underway for the eighth annual workshop to be held at the University of Chicago in January 2015, following the same format.

On October 16, 2013, the committee organized a free RUSA webinar entitled “Finding Dead People: Genealogy and Local History Resources for the ILL Practitioner.” Amber Case, University of Washington, and Cherie Weible, University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign, presented and shared their slides and handout on the Education and Training Committee’s web page. Registration quickly filled up with 90 registrants and a waiting list. Fifty-six people ultimately logged in, though we suspect there were more viewers.

The committee also partnered with the RUSA History Section to produce a similar program at the 2014 ALA Annual Conference. The program was a success with over 150 attendees in a room with a capacity of 125. Completed surveys for the program have been submitted to RUSA for analysis.

The Education and Training Committee continued to update the ShareILL wiki ( and was grateful to receive assistance from many other STARS committees. Work on this project is ongoing. In early 2014 outgoing STARS chair, Nora Dethloff, submitted an Emerging Leaders proposal to find someone who can help us update ShareILL. As of July 2014, we have heard that the project was accepted by RUSA. We are now waiting for ALA’s approval. If the proposal is accepted, our Emerging Leader will likely begin work in October 2014.

Karen Okamoto, Outgoing Chair

Codes, Guidelines, and Technical Standards Committee
The Codes, Guidelines, and Technical Standards Committee had three virtual meetings in early 2014 to begin the process of reviewing and revising the Interlibrary Loan Code for the United States and its accompanying Explanatory Supplement. Ryan Litsey (Texas Tech) completed his term as Chair of the committee in June, and Brian Miller (Ohio State) became Chair in July. Work on the ILL Code is scheduled to recommence in August 2014 with completion due by 2016.

Brian Miller, Chair

ALA RUSA STARS Research and Assessment Committee Annual Report 2013-2014
The 2013-2014 year was the inception of the Research and Assessment Committee (previously named the Research and Statistics Committee). Because of this, the committee has worked diligently to streamline procedures and work with all RUSA STARS committees on survey construction, distribution, and assessment of results to help guide future RUSA STARS programming and discussions.

This year, Bethany Sewell and David Ketchum have been elected as co-chairs of the committee.

  • After a success program at ALA annual in 2013, the committee was asked to submitted a pre-conference proposal for ALA annual 2015 “ ILL Data Storm.”
  • We plan to continue to evaluate the surveys of all RUSA STARS programs, discussion groups, and Hot Topics.

Six programs and discussions were surveyed, beginning with ALA Annual in 2013. Not all discussions were implemented in this process in this first year due to the new alignment and work that would eventually steer the process for RUSA STARS. Survey responses for RUSA STARS programming and discussions sessions indicate that participants are very satisfied with the direction of these meetings.

Suggestions (condensed from all programs and discussions) for future webinars or programs are (* indicate more than six requests for this topic specifically):

  • More opportunities for sharing ideas, solutions, and problems with colleagues
  • Challenges for genealogy librarians and how to solve them
  • Land records
  • Locating digital content
  • Advanced business reference
  • Article Exchange
  • Comparison of ILLiad, OCLC or other management systems (e.g., Rapid)
  • *Copyright (e.g., fair use, CCC)
  • E-books
  • IFM
  • ILL basics (e.g., how to do ILL, best practices, stickers and adhesive labels, fill and unfilled defined, usages of multiple addresses, Article Change and ILLiad)
  • ILLiad (software tips)
  •  *Data analysis
  •  *Ins and outs of creating resource sharing/consortia agreements
  • International ILL
  • License language and negotiation
  • OCLC (software tips)
  • Students worker management and workflow
  •  Licenses and I
  • How to interpret internet sources
  • Open discussions
  • Management issues and organizational models
  • Advancement
  • Alternatives to CONTU-compliance
  • Automation methods
  • Storage
  • Trends in increases and decreases in ILL requests
  • Best practices and the future of IL
  • Lengths of loan periods
  • Progressive or cutting-edge topics. ILL-Reference merge (or not_ and Lending AV aren’t very inspirational – we’ve been having these conversations for years.

Programs and Discussion Sections Surveyed
RUSA/CODES and STARS Joint Program – Enhancing Services through Integration of Interlibrary Loan and Acquisitions – Annual 2013

Does Your Data Deliver for Decision Making? New Directions for Resource Sharing Assessment – Annual 2013

Finding Dead People – Webinar – 10/16/13

Everything you wanted to know about ILL – Midwinter – 1/25/14

Hot Topics Discussion Group – Midwinter – 1/25/14

Interlibrary Loan Discussion Group – Midwinter – 1/25/14


Bethany B. Sewell, Chair

RUSA STARS Rethinking Resource Sharing Policies Committee
The committee has continued to work on rewriting the RSSI Stars Checklist to bring it up to date and to minimize bias towards academic libraries in the USA. We are aiming towards 100 questions, arranged under the seven principles of the Rethinking Resource Sharing Initiative Manifesto. We hope to finish the new edition by the fall of 2014 and be approved by STARS and the RRSI Steering Committee. Our current membership list includes at least one new member, Elizabeth Lane, who joined us at 2014 Annual.

Sue Kaler, chair 2014-15

RUSA-STARS Interlibrary Loan Committee Meeting Minutes
June 28, 2014 Las Vegas, NV

Committee members attended: Co-Chairs Carol Kochan and Lan Yang, Ken Peterson, Mary Radnor, Jeanne Voyles, Sarah McHane-Chase

Visitors: Amber Glass, Weldon Higgins, Ricky Wallace, Jenny Lee, Lavoda Smith, and Elizabeth Lane

Midwinter Meeting Minutes. Mary Radnor made a motion to approve the minutes, Ken Peterson seconded the motion and all were in favor.

2015 Annual Proposed Program – So far, we are not sure if our program proposal has been accepted. We should know shortly after the meeting. The first choice for RUSA-STARS board will be a ½ day pre conference program proposed by the RUSA STARS Research & Assessment Committee, the proposed program title is: “ILL Data Storm: Practical Assessment”. So we have a good chance of having our proposal being accepted.

  • Program Planning for 2015: The Committee decided to go ahead and plan the program.

Program title: Acquisitions, Collection Development, Electronic Resources and Interlibrary Loan, Oh My! Connecting Users to what they want! The ALCTS Committee is willing to Co-Sponsor. They may wish to suggest an additional Speaker.

  • STARS ILL committee proposes a lightning round session covering the following topics: 1) How demand driven acquisition of physical and electronic books affect interlibrary loan 2) What Occam’s Reader can do to allow interlibrary loan of electronic books 3) Outline the changes made by one Interlibrary Loan department to adapt to the current ILL environment 4) How patron ILL requests influence collection development
  • Current Speakers: Teresa Hazen, Associate Librarian (Delivery, Description and Acquisition’s Team), University of Arizona Libraries; Ryan Litsey, Occam’s Reader Project Manager, Assistant Librarian, Document Delivery, Texas Tech University; Library Linda Dols, Library Information Analyst (Delivery, Description and Acquisition’s Team); University of Arizona Libraries Jennifer Duncan, Head of Collections, Utah State University Library
  • We plan to have the speakers meet in advance via adobe connect to coordinate speaking and make sure the lightning rounds fit together.
  • We should have year’s worth of data for Occam’s reader.

We think this program will appeal to Resource Sharing, Collection Development and Electronic Resource Librarians and staff. Librarians and staff from academic, public and special libraries.

We need to make sure we are providing up to date information for the program and that we are balancing the Program between providing cutting edge information and practical ideas that people can bring back to home library and implement.

We plan to send out a survey to ALA Members of ALCTS, Stars and other relevant committees to learn what is working well in their libraries and what challenges they are encountering. Linda Dols can help with Survey.

Other discussions:

  • We spoke about how ILL is changing. Overall, the numbers of requests are declining (probably due to increased electronic journal packages). Current requests are more complex and libraries are seeing an increase in International Requests. How can libraries share data sets?
  • Special Libraries. Elizabeth Lane, from The Frick Collection, sought the committee’s input on how to get items from Special Libraries. In many cases, they can digitize to fill requests. Perhaps in the future 3-D printers could be an option to share art. The committee thought that having a program on requesting/lendingSpecial Items might be a good future presentation topic.
  • Best Practices for Lending, one committee member suggested that a 12-week loan be standards for all ILL departments. This is tricky. Most public libraries have much shorter loan periods.

Carol Kochan, co-chair
Lan Yang, co-chair