STARS Committee Reports

STARS Membership Committee
The RUSA STARS Membership Committee has been hard at work! Over the past few months, we’ve implemented the “5 Things Every New Resource Sharing Librarian Should Know!” as well as “STARGazing.” The “5 Things…” document provides key resources a new person in the field of Resource Sharing will find most helpful in orienting themselves within the profession. “STARGazing” is an initiative to spotlight STARS members in an effort to grow a sense of community and assist new STARS members in getting to know the names and faces of their colleagues. Hopefully, when attending ALA conferences, the “STARGazer” will provide a few friendly faces in the crowd.

Our first STARGazer was Nora Dethloff and our next STARGazer, Heather Weltin, was interviewed at ALA Midwinter! You can find both “5 Things…” and “STARGazing” on the RUSA STARS website. STARS Membership Committee meets once a month (virtually) and is beginning organized outreach to new members and all members alike.

Micquel Little, Chair

STARS Cooperative Collection Development Committee
The RUSA CODES/STARS Cooperative Collection Development Committee met at Midwinter to discuss planning for our program at Annual 2013, which will take place on Saturday, June 29th from 1:00-2:30 P.M.

The title of our program is: “Enhancing Services through Integration of Interlibrary Loan and Acquisitions”

“This panel will explore the opportunities and challenges that arise from merging interlibrary
loan and acquisitions departments, as well as the administrative aspects of such a partnership.
Through examining the reasons why ILL/Acquisitions mergers may be beneficial, and hearing
from peers engaged in the process, attendees will gain an understanding of how to weigh the
merits of such an arrangement and determine if it is appropriate for their institution, as well as
hear insights on how to move forward. This session is appropriate for all library types.”

Our committee hopes to organize a discussion group for Annual 2014, and submit a program proposal again for Annual 2015.

Sydney Thompson, Co-chair

STARS Education and Training Committee
Sixty people attended the sixth annual “Everything You Always Wanted to Know About ILL” workshop at the University of Washington on January 25. Education and Training continues to coordinate efforts to update and will work with ShareILL owners and STARS Executive to transition the wiki to a new platform.

Jennifer Jacobs, Chair

STARS Hot Topics Discussion Group
A successful discussion was held in Seattle at ALA Midwinter 2013, encompassing a variety of relevant topics in the Resource Sharing world. These included CCC’s Get it Now! proposed “time-bomb,” which would restrict access to articles within a specific time frame; universal patron pick-up cards; electronic billing’s effect on paper check processing, along with IFM protocols and the ability to credit, as well as charge; and the recording of services performed by ILL operations and statistical relevance. The Working Group’s survey was distributed and results will be published to STARS members after collection and dissemination.

Troy Christenson, Chair

RUSA STARS / LLAMA SASS: Cooperative and Remote Circulation Committee
This fall we held a virtual meeting, part of which was devoted to a request from the STARS Education and Training Committee to assist them in updating the ShareILL wiki.

The group broke down the responsibilities and used Google docs to collaborate on the update. We were able to fix broken links, remove outdated entries, and add links for consortia and networks that have been established since the last update.

The group has a virtual meeting schedule for February 11 to discuss our plans for ALA Annual and the possibility of submitting a program proposal for 2014.

Peter Collins, Chair