BRASS Business Reference Sources Committee (BRSC)

The sub-committee focusing on nominations for Best Business Reference source is being headed up by Ed Hahn from Weber University. Hahn has started the nominations process and is encouraging all committee members to submit their nominations throughout the fall. This year we are also trying to broaden the pool by including new databases or other online resources. If anyone has any new business reference sources they would like us to consider, either print or online, please have them contact Hahn at or the BRSC committee chair at

The other BRSC sub-committee is focusing on planning for next year’s Publisher’s Forum program to be held at ALA Annual in Chicago. This subcommittee is being headed up by Penny Scott from the University of San Francisco. She and the other committee members are currently considering possible themes for the program. Anyone with suggestions for publishers or types of products you would like to see presented, please contact Scott at or the BRSC Chair at

Susan Hurst, 2012-2013 Chair