STARS Legislation and Licensing Committee

Georgia State Copyright Case
The final court opinion the Cambridge University Press. Press; Oxford University Press; Sage Publications v. Georgia St. University case was given on May 11, 2012. It largely upheld most of the uses of Georgia State, and considering the context of Judge Evan’s ruling according to ARL’s issue brief prepared by Brandon C. Butler, the opinion creates a “very comfortable safe harbor for fair use of books on e-reserve. Educause has a wide range of information about the case for anyone who wants a more in-depth analysis.

The Center for Copyright Information Alert System
The committee reported on 6/28/2012 regarding the partnership between content producers and ISPs who came to their own agreement on how to monitor, regulate, and penalize certain internet behavior. Touted as part of a “progressive educational system to help subscribers understand the significance of protecting copyright” (see, it is also part of a behavioral intervention and mitigation system that raises important questions about internet rights, anti-trust practices and due process. Considering how unaware those on STARS have been to this implementation of a new “Copyright Alert System,” it is important to get the word out and start a conversation about one of the largest raw exercises of concerted private power on internet behavior we’ve yet seen.

Welcome Shannon O’Grady (Colorado Library Consortium) as incoming chair and offer thanks to Robin Moskal as she assumes the responsibility of Secretary for RUSA STARS, and Joseph Sharpe as he rotates off to contribute to Assessment related functions.

Joe Sharpe, Chair