Interlibrary Loan Discussion Group

The Interlibrary Loan Discussion Group for 2012 ALA Annual features two informative programs. The section’s Vendor Relations Committee will present “The Changing Landscape of E-delivery.” Hear how libraries are using Atlas Systems Odyssey, BSCAN from Image Access, Relais Express from Relais International, and OCLC’s Article Exchange for electronic delivery in their interlibrary loan offices. You’ll learn about the key features of each product to determine whether they fit your e-delivery needs.

Our second program features Lars Leon reporting on the Interlibrary Loan Cost Study project. Both librarians and vendors have continued to refer to the ARL ILL Cost Study data from ten years ago. This work, led by Mary Jackson while at ARL, has really helped the community, but we need to take an updated look. Nancy Kress, North Carolina State University (formerly UNLV), and Lars Leon, University of Kansas, recently completed a modest study on FY11 costs across a range of resource sharing services. This updated information helps to inform the increasing number of buy-versus-borrow decisions, decisions on the best options to borrow, and more. Lars will present highlights from the study and then lead a discussion on how this information can help individual libraries and the community. An article based on the cost study will be available by May. Information on how to find this will be sent out on various listservs.

The Group will also elect the next Chair-Elect for 2012-13.

The Group meets Saturday June 23 from 10:30 AM-12:00 PM at the Hilton Anaheim, Santa Monica.

If you have any ideas or suggestions for future meeting topics, please contact the Group chair David Atkins (

David P. Atkins, Chair