Hot Topics Discussion Group

Approximately twenty-five attendees met for an hour of open discussion. Here are some brief highlights:

  • Dropping Ariel / What alternatives are you using?

○     OCLC Article Exchange

○     Email PDF

○     Rapid X

○     Local File Drop Servers

  • Distance Education/Providing Document Delivery/Interlibrary Loan (Library Services)

○     Several libraries send books from their own collection to distance ed students, including reference items (almost anything that a “local” student can borrow on campus is sent for distance ed students—some exceptions for AV materials)

○     Some work on building relationships with public/local libraries near the distance education user (outreach, send materials, offer support)

○     Acquisitions Manager will be released January 31

  • Copyright Clearance Center’s Getting It Now Service

○     A couple of libraries reported on using the new CCC service:

■Specifically for “Rush” requests (due to fast turnaround time)

■For the “6th” title request after CONTU 5 has already been done via traditional ILL

■To supplement major journal bundle cancellations as a way to provide users with fast turnaround time yet fairly cost effective service

○     It is more expensive than traditional ILL, but may provide advantages depending upon the individual library’s situation

■Can streamline staff time/efforts

●     One place to go to rather than multiple publisher sites

●     One invoice payment/single contract to access multiple publishers (up to 11 publishers currently)

●     The upcoming March ILLiad Conference will include a talk on this topic by Heather Weltin

○     A couple of libraries reported working on entering data into their Knowledge Base accounts

■Time consuming to set up (slow, tedious), but anticipate great benefit once up and running (with less time on ongoing maintenance)

●     Suggestion to see if a library can create and then import a spreadsheet with information (versus individual title by title or package by package input)

●     PubGet feature works well for identifying holdings and titles, but not licensing information

●     Suggestion to use SFX/Serials Solution Addon in ILLiad to find out if ILL is allowable (title by title search)

  • Where does ILL fit into Public Services (Scholar Commons)

○     Scholar commons for university users (undergraduate; faculty; graduate) – how to fit ILL/DD into public arena to take advantage of synergy of opportunity?

■Staff on public desk (combined service desk such as “Ask Here” desk); staff concentrates on public outreach with automated/processing behind the scenes (back office)

■Integrate delivering service to where user is (physical location or virtual service); effort of digitizing team process (document center staff, acquisitions, cataloging/metadata staff) to make items deliverable, discoverable, available

■Chat reference

●     Some have reference staff refer questions/issues forward

■Dedicated email address that is checked frequently, quick response to queries/issues

  • Lending/ILL for E-Books? Future of Sharing E-books?

○     Briefly touched upon how to share e-books

○     Very limited, cumbersome ability currently (chapters only, captured by individual PDF, copied to cds), dependent upon license agreement

○     Some consortia turning to consortial purchasing agreements (CARLI / Illinois in discussion with five e-book vendors)—broaden to group access


Naomi Chow, 2012 Chair