Committee Reports

RUSA Professional Development Committee
At the Midwinter Meeting the RUSA Professional Development Committee discussed the existing Webinar and Continuing Education (CE) course proposal forms and guidelines. Earlier discussion among the committee on ALA Connect concluded that these need significant revision. The following are needed:

  1. A document explaining the proposal process and required information
  2. A document stating the criteria the committee uses to evaluate proposals for Webinars
  3. A document stating the criteria the committee uses for multi-session online courses

Jeannette Pierce, Beth Wood, and Diana Shonrock agreed to draft these documents by mid-March. Jeannette volunteered to lead the effort.

Once these draft documents are distributed for committee comment, the next task will be to develop a document that provides guidance on developing a good proposal. Another on effective presentation techniques for online education is also highly desirable.

The committee also reviewed pending webinar and course proposals and directed the committee chair to communicate the committee’s sense to those who submitted the proposals. Those communications have been sent.