Emerging Leader Report

Since Midwinter, my Emerging Leaders group has been working to create a blog for the members of RUSA. We spent time deciding where we wanted to host the blog, and designing the blog. We spent more time than we should have coming up with the name! The blog, Chasing Reference (http://chasingreference.wordpress.com/), is now up and running. We post on the blog every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday.

Chasing Reference is a blog where librarians can share ideas about what is happening in their libraries, where people can go to find out more about RUSA, or where people who aren’t librarians can go to find out more about what librarians do.  If you are interested in writing a post for Chasing Reference, send an email to ChasingReference@gmail.com. We’d love to feature guest posts on the blog.

My Emerging Leaders group will be presenting at the Emerging Leaders poster session at Annual, on Friday, June 22, from 3:00-4:00 PM in the Anaheim Convention Center, Room 303AB. I hope to see you there!

Emily Hamstra
Learning Librarian
Shapiro Undergraduate Library
University of Michigan