Virtual Reference (VR) Tutorial Subcommittee

The planned activities of the VR Tutorial Subcommittee include revision of the VR tutorial modules using Drupal and performing user testing. As of December 2011, module revisions are in process. These include the Policies and Training modules. The team meets monthly and shares reports periodically with the Virtual Reference committee, and with RSS and MARS.

The Subcommittee would like your input!

We need you, your library and colleagues input …

●     Share current tips, best practices, best/worst cases on VR use in your library;

●     We need top tips from libraries who were/are new to VR as well as the experienced libraries;

●     We welcome your best practices – from planning, policies to training and marketing;

●     We would love to hear about your worst cases as well as best successes – all are valuable ‘lessons learned’;

●     Share a colleague to be a module reviewer or tester, please;

●     The VR team is already asking that the splash page is removed from the Tutorial site.

Please contact the subcommittee co-chairs with your suggestions, tips and testing input at Valli Hoski ( or Jennifer Lau-Bond (

Valli Hoski, Chair 2010-2011