Licensing and Legislation Committee

The Committee met at Annual on Saturday, June 25th. Topics discussed were:


  • The latest headlines and updates on licensing and legislation

Standardizing License Language

  • Why reinvent the wheel? Yale has created aLicensingStandardsWebsitewhich should be very useful for anyone looking to keep their license language standardized

Legislation Alert

○     There has already been an official response to theSTMStatementonResourceSharing practices by theAssociationofResearchLibraries (ARL) and theInternationalCoalitionofLibraryConsortia (ICOLC)

○     The group will draft a resolution and submit it to RUSA in support of the ARL response

Committee action items agreed upon include:

  • Continue to seek relevant news on legislation and post to ALA Connect
  • Create more of a presence for the Committee on ALA Connect
  • Stay in contact with the Vendor Relations Committee; talk to the vendors and ask them to attend the meeting to answer questions. Get input from the listserv about concerns and issues, obtain a report from the vendors, discuss within the Committee
  • Meet via teleconference more frequently
  • Keep constant vigilance over breaking news and post to the ALA Connect page

Joseph Sharpe, Chair