Hot Topics Discussion Group

There were thirty-eight people who attended the Hot Topics Discussion Group meeting on Saturday, June 25th. Next year’s Chair, Naomi Chow, from the University of Hawaii, Manoa (, was introduced. The group voted in the new Chair-Elect, Troy Christenson, from Florida Atlantic University (

The following topics were covered:

  • Using email only to send and receive ILL requests vs. using Ariel or Odyssey.
  • Getting It System Toolkit (GIST), an easy method for making purchasing/acquisition decisions and orders instead of borrowing on ILL.
  • ILL statistics – what data do you save and how is it used?
  • ILL books on self-help shelves: yes or no?
  • ILL requests for e-content, borrowing and lending, and the effect on resource sharing.
  • ILL lending or borrowing statistics down and why?
  • Using Kindles, iPads, etc. for ILL: Are any doing this and how?
  • Obtaining/purchasing online “pre-published” article requests.
  • Experience using OCLC Knowledge Base?
  • Handling multiple ship-to addresses with a single OCLC symbol

Julia Gustafson, Outgoing Chair