Evaluation of Reference and User Services Committee

At Annual 2011, the Evaluation of Reference and User Services Committee held the program, Using Today’s Numbers to Plan Tomorrow’s Services: Effective User Services Assessment, on Sunday, June 26 in the Morial Convention Center. The program featured James Fish, Baltimore County Public Library; Jennifer Rutner, Columbia University Libraries; and Zsuzsa Koltay, Cornell University Library. The room was scheduled for seventy-five attendees but we counted at least 120 (people sat on the floor, stood in the back, we got extra chairs). Due to the volume of requests, the two sets of slides available (from Rutner and Koltay) were posted on ALA Connect at http://connect.ala.org/node/150582 and announcements sent to RSS-L, RUSA-L, and ARL-ASSESS. Thanks to Joe Thompson and Liane Taylor for their help and support!

Ellen Keith, Chair 2011-2012