Committee Reports

Codes, Guidelines and Technical Standards

The Committee reviewed the Guidelines for Interlibrary Loan Operations Management document, which was sent back to the Committee from the RUSA Standards & Guidelines Committee (S&G) with a list of suggested revisions, some of which were major. The Codes Committee accepted most grammatical and wording changes. Most of the meeting was spent discussing the major revisions. The updated and revised Guidelines were then forwarded to the Executive Committee.

As a next project, the Committee discussed investigating the status of resource sharing courses in library schools, and perhaps partnering with other groups to bring this issue to the forefront. Other committees in STARS, for example the Rethinking Resource Sharing Committee may already be working on this issue.

The Committee will be having a conference call in February and will meet in person in New Orleans at the ALA 2011 Annual Meeting.

Jennifer Bartlett, Chair


Education and Training

The Committee agreed that we would like to hold our fifth Everything You Always Wanted to Know about ILL but Were Afraid to Ask workshop at ALA in Dallas on Friday, January 20, 2012. Committee members are contacting colleagues in the area to locate a free workshop location.

Mary Hollerich has agreed to organize the online ILL course. She has met with the course presenters and is preparing a project description to submit to RUSA. Course presenters will be: Mary Hollerich, Tina Baich, Meghan Gaffney, Collette Mak, and Cindy Kristof.

The Committee discussed progress on our project to interview library school deans about why ILL/Access Services is not taught in library school. We decided that rather than focus on deans we should direct our efforts to raising the awareness of library school students about ILL/Access Services. We felt that the best way to do this would be to create a series of vignettes about the rewards of ILL to post on YouTube.

Margaret Bean, Chair


Licensing & Legislation

The Committee discussed new copyright legislation such as the resent Costco v. Omega case and its implications to library ILL lending. More details can be found at

Also under discussion and subject to future scrutiny are: electronic journal embargoes, and teaming with the Vendor Relations committee to explore options, including license contract addenda, Print/Scan/Send v. Direct Sending questions and issues, e-book licensing and ILL processing challenges, the standardization of electronic resource license language, and finally, the IDS Project.

We plan to continue to utilize the web space provided on the ALA Connect Licensing & Legislation page to bring to the forefront recent news and updates regarding licensing and legislation issues that will impact resource sharing. The Committee plans to meet via teleconference on a monthly basis and encourages the ALA community to forward the group any breaking news that they do not see on the ALA Connect Licensing & Legislation page.

Joseph Sharpe, Chair



The Committee met by conference call on January 5. The members discussed the list of The 5 Things Every New Resource Sharing Librarian Should Know. All members agreed to work from this list to create a web page linking to resources for early career resource sharing librarians. The group slightly amended the five items, which are now:

●     Guidelines & Laws

●      Automation

●     Customer Service

●     Education and Networking

●     Assessment

Each member of the Committee agreed to take responsibility for creating a rough draft of one of the above topics. It was decided that each section will consist of a brief introduction stating the item’s importance, a list of resources, and suggested best practices. The group agreed to have these preliminary drafts completed by February 5. At that time we will start to work as a group to refine, add resources, and otherwise finish the content.

The Committee also discussed the STARS welcome email. After a few minor changes, the group agreed that this is ready to go to the Executive Committee for approval.

The STARS Happy Hour at Annual 2011 was discussed. It was decided that we would ask friends and colleagues familiar with New Orleans for suggestions and talk more about the Happy Hour later.

The group discussed officially becoming a virtual committee. It was decided that we would continue to plan an in-person meeting for ALA Annual, but Midwinter would be strictly virtual from now on. Special effort will be made to include our virtual-only members at Annual.

Nora Dethloff, Chair


Research & Statistics

The Committee covered two main topics during its meeting.

The first was the participant evaluations from the preconference during Annual in Washington, D.C. The evaluations were turned in immediately following the preconference. Lorna Newman has been unable to obtain either the evaluations or copies from RUSA staff since then. We have requested the assistance of Sherri Michaels as Chair of STARS to assist in retrieving these evaluations.

The second topic was the development of a comprehensive glossary of resource sharing terms. We have begun accumulating glossaries from the various vendors and have posted several on our committee site on ALA Connect. Thus far we have collected glossaries from OCLC and ILLiad and brief glossaries from IFLA, Docline, and Rapid. We still need to get glossaries from VDX, Clio, Relais, ARL and any other vendors we can identify. Anyone who can assist us with these glossaries would be appreciated. I will begin to accumulate these glossaries into a matrix for easier comparison.

Johnny Johnson, Chair


Rethinking Resource Sharing Policies

The Rethinking Resource Sharing Policies Committee has launched the Rethinking Resource Sharing Star Checklist. The Star Checklist is comprised of sixty-four questions related to delivering resource sharing services, providing librarians an opportunity to reflect on the services they provide. We hope the process of reviewing the Checklist will inspire resource sharing practitioners as they consider how best to meet the needs of their communities, and possibly rethink how they are delivering such important services.

The Checklist is now available on the Rethinking Resource Sharing website and will be distributed via various listservs in the coming weeks/months.

Evan Simpson, Chair


Vendor Relations Committee

The Vendor Relations Committee decided to initiate a conversation with the Codes Committee regarding lending requests ILL departments receive from for-profit commercial vendors. We assume that copyright royalties are being properly cleared by a borrowing for-profit vendor.

We wish to discuss regularly released reports of most-requested items from OCLC. Lists could be most requested books, most requested journals (article requests), and unfilled most requested journals. The purpose of these reports would be to support Collection Development. Members discussed this with Tony Melvyn at the OCLC booth and have received a sample report.

We will defer to the Statistics Committee regarding regular, standardized statistical reports from vendors across the board. They are working on a thesaurus which would standardize vocabulary in reports from vendors.

We would like to invite representatives from various ILL vendors to be standing members of the Vendor Relations Committee.

There is a need for standardized vocabulary in licenses covering electronic content regarding permissions for ILL Lending.

We would like to see if thematic conference calls could be held for our Committee, and we would invite appropriate vendors to participate.

John de La Fontaine, Chair